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Verbs of the Senses  - home practice for the week of 28/02/2023

Click on the this link.  Scroll down on the page (faire defiler vers le bas)
You can watch the video that explains sense verbs.
You can watch the short videos and try to understand what they are saying.


Homework for Tuesday February 28th
Verbs of the Senses

You can listen to the audio files that we heard in class : audio file 4.11 and audio file 4.14

Listen to audio file 4.13 about the different sounds and complete the worksheet "It sounds like"


u07_cd4track11Actors Acting Fran Drescher
00:00 / 00:27
u07_cd4track14Actors acting 6 people
00:00 / 02:35
00:00 / 02:15

Homework for October 4th
Listen to 6 people talking about school memories. 
Complete the table.
Do exercise B and C.

CD4_Track46School Memories
00:00 / 02:43
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